Friday, September 2, 2016

Stepping it up

I am so excited to share with you my latest venture... designing patterns! It is actually the start of a bigger plan for Fifriendly - somewhere I  had hoped it would take me - into mental health. When I relaunched Fifriendly about this time last year, I had hoped that it would grow, but I had no business acumen - no understanding of how to grow it. And so I began, a little earlier this year a Diploma in Business with The Entourage.

The big reason I want to grow Fifriendly, is that from the profit that I make, I intend to use it to fund a project that is very dear to my heart - mental health advocacy, education and policy-making. From the many years that I have spent traversing mental health units and programs, as well as talking with people who live with mental health issues, their carers and therapists, I have seen many ways to improve the service provision and intervention that we currently have. And that is what Mental Health Solutions will do, focus on improving service provision, care and therapy.

So as I move into a more global way of approaching business I am excited to share with you that the profits from Fifriendly will fund Mental Health Solutions. We have a very long way to go, but it all starts with one pattern design.

In celebration of this being my first foray into design, this pattern is being provided to the public for free. Future pattern releases will be made available to customers to download in return for a donation to Fifriendly. Its not unlike the way indie music has gone - pay what you think the product is worth. You'll get the product, no matter how much you contribute, but if you want to support the growth of Fifriendly and ultimately Mental Health Solutions, then by all means, give generously!

And without further ado...Here is the pattern!

Make sure you leave comments on this page and photos too! I would love to see your creations

xx Fi

Friday, February 12, 2016

Christmas backlogs

I have been knitting and crocheting like crazy over the past few months what with Christmas and arrivals of new babies! I haven't really had much time to put into the Facebook page, but with my list of gifts being shortened every day as I complete more projects, I am getting closer to a time for working with new designs again...

I have just completed this gorgeous little matinee jacket for a beautiful new bubba named Natalia... I can't wait to see her wearing it!

After that, I have to finalise overdue Christmas presents and then I will be back into the throes of building up Fifriendly activity again.

**Christmas presents** you say? I do have a good reason to be finalising Christmas presents in February. Really I do!

I was so organised, I had set aside all of November and the first two weeks in December to complete 12 sets of Monster Slippers...

I had to alter the pattern as they were supposed to be knitted in worsted wool and I only had access to 8ply acrylic. I was so excited and proud of myself for being all organised and knocking them all out at a rate of knots. Then disaster struck.

I had made a preliminary pair with worsted wool as the pattern suggested first. I put the pair that I had created aside for my son for his November birthday. But sadly, when he arrived down in mid-December and tried them on, he could not get his foot past the narrow cuff and into the slipper. I was so disappointed. I told him to put them into my wool drawer, and that I would look at them as soon as Christmas was over. 

I was worried about my 12 pair of slippers sitting there to be wrapped for my nieces and nephews. But surely, it would be OK. I had double-checked everyone's shoe sizes and they looked OK.

Then in an act of incredible Fi-ness, as we walked out of the door to journey down to Canberra for our family Christmas, I forgot to do something. Yes! I forgot to pick up the bag of Christmas presents! I felt so dopey but I promised to post them down as soon as I got home.

Meanwhile, the son and daughter of one of my dear friends, unwrapped their monster slippers, that I had organised to bring to Canberra for them, which I had remembered to pack in my suitcase. And lo and behold, guess what happened next? You betcha. The monster slippers did not fit. And now I had more slippers on my list to readjust. 

For the record, it is INCREDIBLY HARD to adjust a pattern without the foot there to double check. And given most of the feet I needed were in Canberra, I decided to look out for something else that I could crochet-up quickly.

And then I found and fell in love with these on Pinterest...

They are supposed to be small Christmas tree ornaments, but being ever Fi-like, I decided to use the pattern as a guide. Using a 12ply wool, the version I created was much more cuddly and fun!

And the proud owners of the first batch even took their Christmas trees (days after New Year's Day) to bed with them for the snuggle factor!

So yes, very shortly I will finish my Christmas backlog and be back to Fifriendly, by the end of February at the latest! So stay tuned!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Open For Business!

The past three weeks or so have been crazy for Fifriendly! Following a discussion with Banjo Digger over coffee about how to raise the new page profile, I was passed through some links from said friend and wham! Things started to just happen! I paid for a few ad campaigns but that only increased my likes to about 50 or so. But then I joined the Into The Woods Showcase!
Not only was it themed around one of my all-time favourite Sondheim musicals, I got to add two of my own items to the showcase! And in the week leading up to the showcase my page likes soared! I got over 100 likes in one week!

Sadly, neither of my items sold over the weekend but my pics reached over 10, 000 people! This redirected more curious likers to my page. Now a week after the Showcase has finished, my page likes have reached 250 and my own page reach is at over 350!

And the best news of all??? Just today I have received 3 orders!

Two for customs of the Rainbow Slouchy
And one for a kids version of my Comfy Lamb Slippers!
So I am going to be busy over the next week filling orders around my uni assignments! I wouldn't have it any other way! And I can now officially state that I am OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage Baby Jumpers

OK. So it has been awhile!

For those who don't know me, I am Fi. I love to knit and crochet and I love a challenge!

It has been so long since a friend of mine had a baby but this year I have seven friends having seven babies for the year 2015! Three of them have already arrived - the gorgeous Poppy, the much anticipated Elisabeth and the beautiful Jessica!

So I have been playing around with a new pattern inspired by all of the beautiful pink and purple photos filling my Facebook feed!

Here's what I have been playing with!

I have fallen in love with this pattern so much that I am now adapting it into a boy's jumper too. A little birdie has whispered to me that several of the four babies yet to arrive might be needing a male adaptation of this little jumper!